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Hello to My Potential Future Clients!  My name is LaKeesha Holloway. I am a certified wedding planner and I have been planning weddings and events for more than 15 years. Today I work with my clients to bring their vision of the perfect wedding, all-night party or intimate event to life. 

No event is too large or too small and I always look forward to a new challenge. The moment I love most is seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they walk into the room for their special night and knowing I had a part in creating that magic for them. I want each and every client to enjoy their event as much as the guests - or more! I’ll handle all the details, respond to every phone call, text and email, think of everything you may need or want and stay within your budget. 
I take great pride and passion in my work and helping my clients visions come to life or if you don't have one, we can create one together!  I deal with my clients on a very one on one basis and am involved in as much detail and support that is needed!  


When I’m not planning weddings, I enjoy weekend getaways with my husband  Kirby Holloway, who the Marriage Counselor of Graceful Guidance, church activities, and being an avid makeup junkie. I am also open to traveling to your BIG DAY! Please DO NOT hesitate to email me with any questions or to schedule a time and day for a FREE phone or in person consultation!  I look forward to the future memories we will make together! 

Yours Truly ,



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Meet &  Greet

I offer a first time complimentary consultation so that we can discuss your vision for your vision. 

Let’s have coffee and chat! Schedule a meet-up with LaKeesha, so you can get a feel for the fun, elegant affair you’ve got in mind, and curate something that reflects your style.

We customize an online planning tool just for you — complete with to-do list, calendar budget tool, and guest tracker— to serve as home-base during the planning process.

It’s go-time! Leave all the detailed ins and outs of this special day to LaKeesha and her team: you focus on being present and loving on your sweet friends and guests — you’ve got a party to host!

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